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Module 7 – The Fear Gates

Friday @ 5:00 – 6:30 PM ET

Join us on Zoom

The Module 7 Replay(s) will be posted here when available


Module 7-1

Spleen Fear Gates (start video at 1:03)


Module 7-2

Solar Plexus and Ajna Fear Gates


Module 7 Slides

Click here to download the Module 7 slides.

Here is a document that contains everyone’s Penta Fear Gates and each Awareness Center’s Fear Gate List
Click here for the Fear Gate Slides

Module 7 Assignment

You can use the worksheet below or create a Google Doc if you prefer.


The due date to submit your Module 7 Assignment is October 2nd.

Module Assignments can be uploaded here:


Module List

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Module 6 – The Penta Dynamics

Module 7 – The Fear Gates

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