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Module 4 – Understanding the Circuit Types

Friday @ 5:00 – 6:30 PM ET

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The Module 4 Replay(s) will be posted here when available


4-1 Integration and Individual Circuits

4-2 Collective and Tribal Circuits

4-3 Circuit Contemplations Kajana and Sarah

4-4 Circuit Contemplations Maja and Alison

4-5 Circuit Contemplations Mara and Casey

Module 4 Slides

Click here to download the Module 4 slides.

Module 4 Assignment

The Module 4 Assignment is to contemplate how the Circuit Types and Center Definition impact the natural gifts and strengths for each of your Team Members.  You can use the worksheet below or create a Google Doc if you prefer.


The due date to submit your Module 4 Assignment is July 2nd.

Module Assignments can be uploaded here:


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Module 4 – Understanding the Circuit Types

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