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Wellness Retreat that gives you
the time, space, and tools to EXPAND in 2024

An experience guaranteed to be unlike anything you’ve ever done for your most aligned, expansive year yet. You don’t need to be someone different to live your best life, you simply need to be a more expanded version of yourself.
It’s only when you step back and turn in + tune in that you can fully know how you want to move forward and what expansion looks like in your life.
As you begin thinking about the year ahead – are you thinking about what could be different? That you’re ready for a change? Are you thinking something in your life needs to change or that you need to change?

We agree, but not for the reasons you think.

You don’t change because there is something wrong with you. You don’t change because you’re not enough. You don’t change because you need to be more – for you or anyone else. You change because it’s unavoidable. And that’s a good thing. 

Can you imagine living your entire life stuck as the same person, with the same body, the same ideas, the same knowledge, gifts and talents? The same places and people? What would your life look like if you never expanded in any of these areas? The short answer is, that’s not living, that’s not life. 

Change isn’t necessary, it’s unavoidable. It’s actually an unavoidable gift

The only thing you really need to decide is HOW do you want to change moving forward?

Wellness Retreat – Expansion in 2024

Next Location and Date coming soon!

Masterclass Human Design 2 day class 2023


A 2 Day Event to Discover What Is Calling You Forward

You’ve been feeling the nudge. Hearing the whisper Or maybe it’s more like a shout at this point.  There is something calling you into a new direction in at least one are of your life. Something more.

Maybe it’s more…

  • Hands-on teaching to help connect within, become more aware, and see the evidence that’s leading you every step of the way to your highest path
  • Guided meditations and visualizations to bring what’s within you to the surface
  • Downloadable resource(s) that you can continue to use as you experiment, expand and grow 
  • Limited-time access to recorded content in case you can’t attend live, or you want to re-watch 
  • Two days, four hours of LIVE, interactive sessions 
  • A special offer for continued support, available only to Masterclass participants 

What if you could take the next step towards whatever it is that’s calling you?

Join us for this 2-Day Masterclass that will put you on your unique path to more satisfaction, success, peace and joy!

Online Zoom Event –  2024 Dates to be announced soon