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Guided life by Design

Discover Your Unique Path

Have You Ever Wished You Had a Roadmap For Your Life?

A detailed map that had all the answers – which roads to take (and which to avoid), which turns to make and when, when to slow down and when to stop.

A map that starred the main attractions so boldly you wouldn’t miss them?

Your ride through life would be so much easier.

You wouldn’t constantly question your direction.

You would know that if you just followed your personalized map, you’d have the ride of your life right up to the end.


Well, you do have that map…

It’s called your Human Design.


We’re Alison and Melissa

We work with women who are burning themselves out, trying to be everything in work and in their personal lives. We help our clients reconnect to their inner wisdom so they can live as they were meant to live.

With Surrender Story, we highlight the beauty of those moments in life when we know we need to make a change — when we admit to ourselves and to the universe that we want something more out of life. That single moment is an opportunity to receive divine guidance or tap into our inner wisdom. To choose the path that was always meant for us and will make us most fulfilled.