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The snow melts,
The ice thaws,
The chill of winter lifts.

Revealing what’s been underneath all along.
Lying dormant,
Waiting to spring to life.

YOU are not unlike the seasons,
The cycles,
All of life.

With each new day,
New moon,
New season,
YOU have a chance to…

Uncover what’s been hidden within,
Buried deep
Waiting to emerge.

You can uncover old seeds,
And bring them to life.

You can plant new seeds,
And watch them grow.

Some will die,
And you’ll bless and release them,
Knowing it’s happening FOR you.

Your AWARENESS will become like
The air you breathe,
The soil in which you plant,
The rain that falls.

You’ll be showered with EVIDENCE all around.
This is how YOU become UNVEILED

You feel a pull, a nudge, a niggle, a call to go deeper into the parts of you you know are there waiting to be uncovered…waiting to be UNVEILED


You’re not sure how to access them. Where to start. It all seems unfamiliar. Overwhelming. 

So instead… 

You stay on your current path, doing the best you can, waiting for the right time to take a step in a different direction. A small step that could forever alter the course of your life. 

That time is NOW.
That step is HERE.
The WHO is YOU.
The WHAT is called UNVEILED.
The WHY is because you’re worth it.

  • Hands-on teaching to help connect within, become more aware, and see the evidence that’s leading you every step of the way to your highest path
  • Guided meditations and visualizations to bring what’s within you to the surface
  • Downloadable resource(s) that you can continue to use as you experiment, expand and grow 
  • Limited-time access to recorded content in case you can’t attend live, or you want to re-watch 
  • Two days, four hours of LIVE, interactive sessions 
  • A special offer for continued support, available only to Masterclass participants 

Your investment is only $22, and you are so with it!

Online Zoom Event –  2024 Dates to be announced soon

I still have questions…

Book a chat with Alison so she can answer your questions and discuss whether this opportunity is right for you! 


Email us at [email protected] 


“If you can imagine feeling lost, confused, un-held, with no internal compass showing you where you are going in life, that was me two years ago. I had reached burnout, was in the worst physical shape of my life, and so ‘broken’ or so I thought.


Being in Alison + Melissa’s world and learning more about my Human Design in the Find Your Aligned Path program created an internal alchemy within me that allowed my aura to become magnetic again. My very own personal energy can once again attract anything I desire. Being in FYAP has given me the permission, the power, and the peace I had once lost.


Do you desire more for your life and to understand yourself on a deeper level? To know how you were designed and how you are meant to BE in this world? You can have all of this by simply joining Find Your Aligned Path.

As Alison + Melissa say, ‘It is time for you to turn in, tune in!’  You are worth it!”

 ~Nicole George


I’m so glad I joined this program! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you already have some knowledge in Human Design, Alison and Melissa know what they’re talking about and are eager to help you with your Human Design too! So glad I met these two amazing ladies! 


I’m always looking forward to being on the live calls as there’s always a good energy and interesting conversations. Even if you already know your Human Design, you can still learn and grow in your design and get to know how some aspects of your design look like in other people. I even found out some interesting things from people that have some parts of their design in common with my friends and family!