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Module 1 – Leading By Type

Friday April 7th @ 5:00 – 6:30 PM ET

Join us on Zoom


Module 1 Slides

Click here to download the Module 1 slides.

    Module 1 Pre-work

    Select 3-5 People (You count as 1) that you want to use as we go through the Certification. Ideally these are people that you work with (or are planning to work with)

    If you aren’t currently working with 2-4 people, then select people that you know well.

      Module 1 Assignment

      Fill out the Leading By Type Worksheet for each person in your “Team”
      Due Date for Module 1 Assignment is 5/7/2023

      Module Assignments can be uploaded here:


      Additional Resources for the Aura Types

      Click on the buttons below to learn more about the Aura Types.

      Module List

      Module 1 – Leading By Type

      Module 2 – Leading By Authority

      Module 3 – Understanding the Centers

      Module 4 – Understanding the Circuit Types

      Module 5 – Understanding the Profiles

      Module 6 – The Penta Dynamics

      Module 7 – The Fear Gates

      Module 8 – Managing Uniqueness