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 A private, intimate Human Design community dedicated to helping you become aware+embrace+embody your Design so you can surrender to it by choice, with confidence!

Surrender isn’t about giving up. It’s not about giving in. It’s not passive. It certainly doesn’t mean waving your white flag and doing nothing. Quite the opposite.

Surrender allows you to be an active participant. It’s about releasing your stronghold. Letting go of control. Leaning in. Trusting. And, of course, watching the magic and miracles unfold.

In Surrender Circle, we guide you as you journey inward, and as you do we hold space for you to connect more deeply with yourself and others. You’ll be inspired, supported, and encouraged as you navigate daily life and your life’s path.

We’ll share information and tools that are practical, logical, proven for those who need the research and data, backed by history and science.

We’ll also look at that which cannot be explained. The unknown, mysterious, experiential, mystical, spiritual side of ourselves that make sense only through personal truth 


    • Connect with other like-minded individuals aiming to surrender to their soul’s unique path
    • Receive support, guidance and encouragement from HD experts and fellow group members 

    • 1 live group call/month for teaching/guiding/inspiration + Q&A

    • Pre-recorded and written content

    • Special promotions and offers 

    • Additional live calls as inspired

    • Early access to Guided Life By Design programs and offers
    • Special promotions and offers 
    • Fun prizes and giveaways

    Monthly Membership – $22/month

    Annual Membership – $222/year (2 months free)

    Hi, we’re Melissa and Alison, founders of Guided Life By Design.

    For years, we both worked in corporate America earning six-figure incomes, but feeling like something was missing. We each had our own ways of feeling trapped and unfulfilled, but we were both stuck nonetheless.

    When we found Human Design it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

    We had “ah ha” moments, felt validated like never before and discovered what we already knew – we weren’t living the life we were meant to live.

    At different times we quit our corporate jobs and haven’t looked back.

    This is because each day we tune in and listen to our body’s inner wisdom. We let it guide us rather than the voices in our head.

    Living each day according to our UNIQUE Human Design offers a level of freedom and abundance we didn’t know existed until we surrendered.

    We are so incredibly grateful that Human Design found us and we love sharing this wisdom, information and lifestyle with others.