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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 8

Welcome back for Day 8 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

You are officially starting the second week of this four-week journey, so congratulations!

Today we’re going to continue to go a little bit deeper into your Human Design chart.

Before we dive in to your chart though, start to contemplate and consider how much you need to work…

Think about some of the beliefs that you’ve had throughout your life around how much you need to work, how hard you need to push and when it’s okay to let yourself rest.


Do you feel like you’re working enough?

Do you feel like you’re pushing enough?

Do you feel any pressure to keep yourself busy or do you have a tendency to always stay busy?

What makes you feel productive?

What are your beliefs about looking or appearing lazy?


Add anything that comes up as you contemplate these questions to your daily journaling today.

We’re looking at the Sacral Center today.

Knowing whether you have a Defined or Undefined, or maybe even Completely Open Sacral Center will give you insight into when you feel like you need to work, how much energy you should be putting into the work you do, and whether you have consistent access to that creative life force energy or not.

Check your Day 8 email to see if your Sacral Center is Defined, Undefined or Completely Open and click on the correct button below.


We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts – please share them with us in the group.

Remember to do your daily prompt questions.
Submit them on the form so you can be eligible to win the prizes and bring any questions that you have to our next live Q&A session.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this, and we will see you tomorrow for Day 9!