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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 5

Welcome back for Day 5 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

Today we’re going to start to dive deeper into your Human Design chart.


We’re going to start working through the 9 Energy centers, starting with the G Center.

Our G center is our identity center.
Whether your G center is Defined or Undefined will tell you a lot about how you see yourself and if you have a consistent sense of identity – or not.
It’s also about love and direction.

If you have that consistent sense of love and direction – knowing who you are and where you’re headed,

Or if you were designed to have more of a fluid, flexible sense of identity and direction.

It’s really common for us to ask kids when they’re young what they wanna be when they grow up.

Think back to when you were a kid

Did you had a good answer for who you saw yourself becoming as an adult?

And if you did, have you have followed that path or not?

Check your Day 5 email to see if your G Center is Defined, Undefined or Completely Open and click on the correct button below.


We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts – please share them with us in the group.

Remember to do your daily prompt questions.
Submit them on the form so you can be eligible to win the prizes and bring any questions that you have to our next live Q&A session.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on this, and we will see you tomorrow for Day 6!