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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 27 & 28

Welcome back for Days 27 & 28 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

I just want to say once again, how grateful we are that you have embarked on this journey with us, with this group.


Your energy has been so amazing to have within the group.


Even if you’ve been more on the quiet side, just know that we have felt your energy throughout this process, and we’re very proud of you for completing all the way to Day 28.


You are so amazing and we are just so grateful to have you in our community now!


Today is a day of reflection.


We’re going to look back on our entire 28-day journey. So maybe you’re going to read through your journal entries for the last four weeks.

 Or maybe you’re going to scroll through the guides and all of the topics that we’ve covered.


Maybe there are some videos that you’re going to feel inspired to watch again.


Spend a little bit of time thinking about what you have learned throughout these 28 days, through all of the videos and all of this information about your Human Design chart that really stands out in your memory?

   What have you learned about yourself that has felt really validating, or really affirming or really just helped you to appreciate who you are, who you’re designed to be, and helped you to notice where you have maybe taken on pressure from other people to be something that you’re not?


Are there any of the Not-Self themes or Not Self talk statements that really stand out as you reflect back on your life and what’s been coming up for you in these four weeks as we’ve gone into the different parts of your human design chart?


Journal on what stands out, what feels most supportive, what feels most helpful.



  What did you learn that surprised you or what did you learn that really just makes you understand and appreciate and love yourself a little bit deeper?


We would love to hear any thoughts you’re willing to share in the day’s comments and on the form.


Again, as you reflect back, if there are any questions, feel free to post them in the Facebook group.
I’m recording this in advance, so look for any of the events that are coming up.
We will also have a wrap-up session that we will be scheduling.

That is where we’re going to announce all the prizes and really celebrate all of the work you’ve put into this journey.


We’ll also give you some insights into what some options are if you would like to go deeper, or if there’s another area of your life that you feel called to start to apply Human Design to.


We look forward to staying connected.


We really hope that you have enjoyed this journey with us as much as we have enjoyed doing it with you, and you have a little bit more time to ask any more final questions while we’re still in this program together.


As you move forward, just know that we will be sending you lots of love.


I can’t say see you tomorrow, but we’ll see you on our wrap-up call and you’ll have a little bit more time here within the Facebook group before we close things out. So make sure you make the connections within the group that you want to make before we close things out.


And again, Alison and I are both so grateful that you were here on this journey with us.

We have definitely loved getting to know you through your Human Design.
Sending you lots of love and we’ll talk soon!