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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 26

Welcome back for Day 26 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

We are right there looking at the finish line.
We have one more daily prompt that will come tomorrow for the weekend.
Today we’re continuing to contemplate those Ajna Fear gates.
Those anxieties are mental anxieties.


If you have any gates activated in your Ajna, today you want to spend some time journaling on how those fears are showing up for you or have shown up for you in the past.


Spend some time really reflecting and really connecting with how those fears might be showing up and how you tend to handle those fears or those anxieties.


Think about whether there are certain circumstances or situations that are more likely to activate those fears.


Or maybe there are certain people who have a tendency to activate those fears and anxieties in you.


If you would like to talk through these Ajna Fear Gates, then definitely come to our next live Q&A call.


We’re very excited to read your insights, and aha’s that come through as you’ve contemplated the Ajna Awareness Center (either in the Facebook Group or in the  daily check-in form), and come back tomorrow for our FINAL daily prompt of the Find Your Aligned Path Program.

See you tomorrow!

 Day 27