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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 24

Welcome back for Day 24 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

It is so amazing that you’ve made it all the way here to Day 24. I definitely want to just take a quick minute to honor you and your commitment to this journey and we are so happy and thrilled that you have joined us in this group and along this process.


We know this can be an intense process and that there’s a whole lot of information.


So you should definitely feel proud of making it this far!


This is one of those things where it’s easy for life to kind of get in the way, especially when we start looking at our fears.
There’s a part of our brain that would rather stay safe and stay the same and not have to face our fears. So I definitely want to just let you know how amazing it is that you’re here with us this far into this process!


So now we’re going to start to talk about our final Awareness Center today – the Ajna, which is the second Center from the top. It is in between the Head Center and the Throat Center.


We’re going to really think about how your mind processes information, the way that you think, and the way you conceptualize.


The Ajna Center is all about how our mind answers the questions that come from the Head Center.

Look in your email to see if your Ajna Center is defined (green) or undefined (white) or completely open (white).

Then look below for the button for the correct video for you.

As always, any thoughts, insights, ahas that come from watching those videos and also reading the healthy versus unhealthy or if it’s undefined, the not self-talk.

 Please share with us what really stands out, or what really resonates for you.
What can you see showing up in your life based on what you now understand about the definition of your Ajna Center?


We’re looking forward to hearing your thoughts – please share them with us in the group.

Remember to do your daily prompt questions.

Submit them on the form so you can be eligible to win the prizes and bring any questions that you have to our next live Q&A session.


We will see you tomorrow for Day 25!