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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 22

Welcome back for Day 22 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

Today we’re going to look at the fear gates in your Solar Plexus.


In order to do this, you’re going to want to bring up your Human Design Alignment Map and just look at any page that has your chart. Then look for your Solar Plexus, which is the brown or white triangle (depending on if you’re Defined or Undefined/Open), all the way on the right side of your chart.
You’re looking for any of the gate activations within the Solar Plexus, so to know if it’s activated, you want to see if the gate number is circled in gray, and also the line leading up to the Solar Plexus that’s touching that gate number will be colored (either red or black).
That’s the first step.

Pull up your Human Design Alignment Map and look for the gate numbers that are activated within your Solar Plexus (unless you have a completely open Solar Plexus, which means you have no gate activations).

Then find the numbers and look at the descriptions in the image below.


As you read through the descriptions of the fear gates for the Solar Plexus, notice if any resonate with you.


Notice how you think that fear might be showing up in your life, and especially when it comes to what might be holding you back, slowing you down or keeping you stuck from living the most aligned path for you in going after your big dreams, goals and aspirations.  


When you think about the vision you have for where it is that you’re going, do those fears have a tendency to pop up and get in your way?

Or can you think back to the past when there was a time when those fears popped up and made things a little harder for you to live most aligned?


Are those fears activating some of the not-self traits of your Undefined Centers?


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the Solar Plexus fear gates.

This is something we can definitely dive into more deeply in our live Q&A. So if you want to understand your fears a little bit deeper, come to our next live Q&A, and we’ll talk through your fear gates in your Solar Plexus and also the other Awareness Centers if you’d like.


It’s a lot of information to talk generally about, but when we look at your Solar Plexus – whether it’s Defined or Undefined – and the gates that are active – whether they’re hanging gates or full channels – we see there’s a lot that goes on in your chart that can impact how these fears show up for you.



I will also share the longer description that I have for that gate so that you can kind of also read a little bit more into the energy of that gate. I want you to contemplate how that fear might currently be showing up for you in your life.


See if it’s one that you resonate with, and if so, how that usually shows up for you.



You can also read through the more general description of your Solar Plexus Gates by downloading the Solar Plexus Fear Gate Docs below. 


Don’t forget to submit your daily prompt check-ins in the form , and post any questions in the Facebook Group.


We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this, and we will see you tomorrow for Day 23!