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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 20&21

Welcome back for Days 20 & 21 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

This is also going to be your prompt for day 21. It is our third weekend of the program and typically I like to make the weekend content easier to give you a bit of space to catch up if you haven’t been right on track.

 I feel like it’s important this weekend though to keep moving through to the next Awareness Center. So hopefully this weekend you’ll have an opportunity to dive into your Solar Plexus Center. 


I find this Awareness Center is an important one.


If you have a Defined Solar Plexus, it means that you are within the 51% of the population that has a Defined Solar Plexus, and that means you have an Emotional Authority.


Or if you’re in the 49% that has an Undefined Solar Plexus, then that means that you are going to be absorbing and amplifying other people’s emotional energy.


Emotional energy is definitely something that is really helpful to understand, as is how you are processing it and whether or not you are vulnerable to other people’s emotional energy.


Emotional energy has a big impact on all of us, whether you’re Defined or Undefined.

So as you contemplate this I want you to consider, do you feel like you are someone who is emotional?

Would other people around you describe you as being someone who’s emotional?

Do you feel like you just kind of know and understand other people’s emotions or does that feel challenging?
Does emotional energy feel challenging for you?
Do you feel like you have a good grasp on emotional energy – either yours or the people around you?



In today’s email, you should see whether you have a Defined, Undefined or Completely Open Solar Plexus Center. Check your Day 20 Email and look for the video that applies to the definition you have in your chart for your Solar Plexus.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


As always, if you have any questions, you can post them below or bring them to the next live Q&A, and don’t forget to submit your daily check-ins on the form for the points that go toward the prizes for the program.



Sending you lots of love and we’ll see you Monday for Day 22!