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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 16

Welcome back for Day 16 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

Today we’re going to take one more day. I know I said this yesterday, it would be one more day, but today we’re going to start to reflect on,  contemplate and lean into how fear is currently showing up in your life.


So we did your visioning meditation yesterday. Now as you think about what it is that you’re moving towards and as you maybe start to notice, there are some fears that start to pop up in your mind that make you feel like it’s maybe going to be hard or it’s not possible, or you’re not ready or you’re not enough.


Soon we’ll go into the last three centers, which are the three awareness centers in your Human Design chart.

We’ll look at each of those centers, break down the gates in each center, and look at the ones that are active in your chart – including the fears that are associated with each of those gates.

Before we actually look at your chart, I would love for you to take some time today as you journal to connect with any fear that’s making your vision feel harder to achieve or that makes you feel like maybe you’re not quite ready, or there’s something you need to do first before you can allow yourself to step onto your most aligned path.


So as you journal today, really start to connect with your fear.


Now, this might feel challenging to do because a lot of times we try to stay more positive, right? We try not to let our minds go to our fears. But bringing these fears to the light, bringing them up to the surface can really help us see how maybe we have unconscious patterns that are making our path harder than it needs to be.


And if we can bring awareness, and especially if we see there’s a correlation between the fears that are running in the program under the surface to the ones that are activated in our Design, then my hope is that it’ll help you to step through those fears or just identify that that’s what it is.

So we can begin to say, “It’s just in my Design, but it’s not my internal guidance. It’s not my intuition saying this is a no. It’s just a fear that once I bring awareness to it, now I can step through it.” Hopefully that makes sense.


So as you journal, allow yourself to connect with any fears that might be popping up, that might be playing in that mental chatter that we all have.


And if this feels challenging, something you can do that’s actually even fun is to journal with a pencil or pen in your non-dominant hand (even if you typically journal on your computer). So if you’re right-handed, hold the pen or pencil in your left hand and allow yourself to let fear speak through your non-dominant hand. So not from the mind, but just let those fears have their voice. Bring those to the light so that we can bring awareness, love, empowerment, encouragement and courage to really help you step onto your most aligned path.


I can’t wait to hear your insights and your ah ha’s as you connect with your fear.

Anything that you want to share with us in the group, anything that you feel safe sharing, we would love to hold that with you and help you bring it to the light, help you to validate it and help take away some of the power of the fear.


When we speak it, when we voice it, especially in a supportive, encouraging container like this, in a group like this where we all believe in you, we all see the perfection in your design and we all want your goals and your most aligned path to become a reality.


We can’t wait to see what you share.


Don’t forget to submit your answers in the form, and we’ll see you tomorrow for Day 17.