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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 13 & 14

Welcome back for Days 13 & 14 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

This is your prompt message for Day 13 and 14.

You can definitely participate both days this weekend to get as many points as possible, or if you want to give yourself a day off, that’s perfectly fine as well.


This weekend we’re not going to get into any new information in your chart, but instead we’re going to reflect on all of the centers we’ve covered so far this week.


On Monday we talked about the Sacral Center,
Tuesday was the Root Center,
Wednesday was the Heart Center,
Thursday was the Head Center,

and yesterday, Friday, was the Throat Center.


Think back on all those centers that you reflected on this week.
(If you have any that you need to catch up on, you have a little bit of time to do that today and tomorrow.)
Think about each of those Centers and the energy that you process through those Centers, whether they’re Defined or Undefined.
Contemplate which of those centers you feel like are the most challenging for you.

Which of those centers and the unhealthy expression of your center do you feel like has impacted you most in feeling like you have weaknesses or things you need to fix or change?


If you want to share in the Facebook group, we would love that.


As you journal today just contemplate how those Centers have impacted you most, and maybe created some challenges for you in your relationships or in the work you do, the confidence you have in yourself, and how you feel about yourself overall.


We can’t wait to hear your thoughts.


Submit your responses on Saturday and Sunday in the form if you’d like to get the maximum number of points towards the prize drawing. 


 Honor your energy and we will see you on Monday for our Day 15 prompt.

Have a great weekend!

See you in our next live Q&A session and in the Facebook group.