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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 12

Welcome back for Day 12 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

Today is Day 12. This is your daily prompt reminder, and what I want you to contemplate today is whether you’re trying to figure out the right things to say to either get attention or to get noticed or just to fill the silence?


Do you feel like you’re someone who is comfortable when it’s silent, or do you feel like you need to talk to fill in gaps or any silence?
Does it make you feel uncomfortable if no one’s talking or do you feel good just sitting in the silence and being in your own thoughts?
Especially if you are in business, do you find yourself really trying to figure out the right things to say, to put yourself out there, to get noticed, to convince people to work with you?

As I’m sure you can guess we’re looking at the Throat Center today.

This is where all the energy is trying to make its way to either be communicated or manifested, to come out into the physical world.


All of the energy wants to make its way to the throat.
So how do you feel about your ability to express what you’re thinking and feeling?
When there’s something that wants to be created through you, do you feel like you can turn your thoughts, ideas, and inspirations into something real and tangible?
Or does that feel challenging?
Does it feel challenging for you to express yourself? To communicate your words in a way that other people can understand?
This is definitely an interesting area to contemplate.

So use these questions as you’re journaling today and make sure you’re answering the other daily prompts and filling in the form so you can get points towards possible prizes.


If you have any questions about this energy as you look through the resources that we have for the Throat Center, make sure you make note of those questions or post them in the Facebook group. Especially if you can’t join us live for the next Q&A. 

As always, we would love for you to share any thoughts, insights, ideas, or aha’s as you contemplate the Throat Center and how that shows up for you in your design and in your life.

Any questions that you have, bring them to the next live Q&A session.
Make sure you’re submitting your daily check ins using the form.
(You can even make up for days you might have missed, just select the days you are catching up on!)

 We’ll see you tomorrow for Day 13!