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Find YOUR Aligned Path – Day 10

Welcome back for Day 10 of the Find YOUR Aligned Path Program!

Today we’re looking at another center.


For this center I’d like you to contemplate, feel into and let yourself do some journaling around whether or not you feel like you need to prove yourself.


Do you find yourself getting sucked into proving energy?

Proving that you know enough?
Proving that you work hard enough?
Proving that you have enough certifications?
Proving that you are a certain type of person?
Any kind of proving energy?

Any worries about whether or not you are enough or that you’re living up to other people’s expectations?


Another piece that comes in for this center is willpower.

Do you feel like you have a good sense of willpower?
Are you able to use willpower to achieve your goals?
Or do you find yourself feeling like you’re lacking willpower?
Do you think that if you had more willpower you would be more successful in any area of your life?
Do you feel like if you had more willpower, life would be easier?
Would you achieve more?

Would you be more successful?


These are things we want you to contemplate.


Do some journaling around proving yourself and the use of willpower in your life.

And then go and watch the video for your Heart Center


We’re so excited to hear your thoughts, and we’d love for you to share any insights that come up as you go through this process.

Make sure you submit your responses into the form so you can get the points and increase your chances of getting one of our prizes at the end of our four weeks!

 We’ll see you again tomorrow for Day 11!