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Have You Ever Wished You Had a Roadmap For Your Life

Find YOUR Aligned Path Program

4 week program

In the 4 week Find Your Aligned Path Journey you’ll get access to the specific parts of your chart that will most help you to live in alignment with your design and create the most fulfilling life possible.

It’s going to help you to find the path that you were born to live. 


It’s going to improve all areas of your life.


It will improve your relationships.


It will improve the work that you do.


It will improve your ability to trust yourself and to understand your inner guidance.

We each have inner wisdom and a unique way that your body is letting you know what to say ‘YES’ to and what to say ‘NO’ to.  When we understand and follow this inner guidance we can live a life with as little resistance as possible.

Our lives sometimes can be challenging and the road can be bumpy.


Human Design and the Find Your Aligned Path program will help you to smooth out that journey so that you can experience more joy as your highest path unfolds in front of you.

There are currently 2 options for embarking on the Find Your Aligned Path journey.

The first option gives you access to the self-paced Find Your Aligned Path program, including daily prompts and 4 weeks access to live Q&A sessions where you can ask questions about your chart, what you are learning in the program and how to best use that information in your day to day life.



Full Access Self-paced program that you can start at any time. 

The second option gives you self-study access to the Find Your Aligned Path program where you will dive deep into the key parts of your Human Design chart and daily prompts to help you to integrate and align with your design.


Self-paced Independent study that you can start at any time and will have 1 year access to the modules. 

Either option is a great choice for beginning to dive into your Human Design chart and finding your most Aligned Path!

Hi, we’re Melissa and Alison, founders of Guided Life By Design.

For years, we both worked in corporate America earning six-figure incomes, but feeling like something was missing. We each had our own ways of feeling trapped and unfulfilled, but we were both stuck nonetheless.

When we found Human Design it opened up a whole new world of possibilities.

We had “ah ha” moments, felt validated like never before and discovered what we already knew – we weren’t living the life we were meant to live.

At different times we quit our corporate jobs and haven’t looked back.

This is because each day we tune in and listen to our body’s inner wisdom. We let it guide us rather than the voices in our head.

Living each day according to our UNIQUE Human Design offers a level of freedom and abundance we didn’t know existed until we surrendered.

We are so incredibly grateful that Human Design found us and we love sharing this wisdom, information and lifestyle with others.


“If you can imagine feeling lost, confused, un-held, with no internal compass showing you where you are going in life, that was me two years ago. I had reached burnout, was in the worst physical shape of my life, and so ‘broken’ or so I thought.


Being in Alison + Melissa’s world and learning more about my Human Design in the Find Your Aligned Path program created an internal alchemy within me that allowed my aura to become magnetic again. My very own personal energy can once again attract anything I desire. Being in FYAP has given me the permission, the power, and the peace I had once lost.


Do you desire more for your life and to understand yourself on a deeper level? To know how you were designed and how you are meant to BE in this world? You can have all of this by simply joining Find Your Aligned Path.

As Alison + Melissa say, ‘It is time for you to turn in, tune in!’  You are worth it!”

 ~Nicole George


I’m so glad I joined this program! It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or you already have some knowledge in Human Design, Alison and Melissa know what they’re talking about and are eager to help you with your Human Design too! So glad I met these two amazing ladies! 


I’m always looking forward to being on the live calls as there’s always a good energy and interesting conversations. Even if you already know your Human Design, you can still learn and grow in your design and get to know how some aspects of your design look like in other people. I even found out some interesting things from people that have some parts of their design in common with my friends and family!