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The Aligned Success Leadership Certification will help you to create a business structure centered around the fundamentals of Human Design.

Whether you are already leading a small business team or would like to step into a leadership role in the future, this Certification will help you become an effective and successful team leader.


Why should you take this Certification?

  • Gain insight into which team members are best suited for the 12 key business traits and how to best support your team to stay in their zones of genius
  • Create team dynamics that foster job satisfaction, efficiency and productivity
  • Make your team feel appreciated and valued
  • Create a work environment that makes your team want to stay, reducing turnover
  • Improve communication by gaining a deep understanding of each team member’s communication style
  • Discover where gaps might exist in your current team and how this might be negatively impacting your company
  • Create a company culture that helps everyone be supported and thrive together
  • Get your company’s work into the world faster and with less friction

You have an opportunity to revolutionize the way purpose-driven entrepreneurs approach business and work.

What will you learn?

  • The Basics of the Penta Structure, which is the energy dynamics that are at work in Small Business teams (3-15 people)
  • Who is a good Penta Leader?
  • How to select/assign your team roles based on the foundational Human Design elements
  • How to best support the unique individuals on your team based on their Human Design
  • How to support the energy dynamics between each of the team members
  • How to help your team members identify what is making their work harder than it needs to be
  • How to become a leading edge Team Leader who creates a workforce of people doing their most aligned, satisfying and successful work.

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When does the Certification start?

The are currently 2 cohorts of the Aligned Success Leadership Certification planned for this year. The first one is scheduled to start in March 2024 and the second is scheduled to start in September 2024.

How long is the Certification Program?

We will meet for 90 minutes each week for 6 months.

What is the investment for the Certification Program?

You get this 6 month certification program for only $3333.

Is there a payment plan option?

Yes, if you would prefer a payment plan you can pay $666 a month for 6 months. You will not receive your Certification until your payment plan has been paid in full.

What do I need to do to receive my Certification?

You will need to attend at least 18 of our 24 classes live.

There will be required assignments throughout the program and a final assignment that will be due within 2 weeks of our last class. 

What can I do with this Certification?

You may decide to use this Certification in your own business or to create your own successful small business teams.


We may also have opportunities for graduates to participate in Penta experiments with business owners looking to create their team. In the future we plan to create events to help business owners find their ideal Penta (Small business team).

There may also be opportunities for graduates to help us teach future rounds of the Certification program.

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