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The first round of the Aligned Success Dynamics Certification is coming soon!

This is your only opportunity to attend some of the modules with me live. All future rounds of the certification will be pre-recorded.

When it comes to work, most of us are working so misaligned that even when we achieve our goals or make progress we still feel something is missing or just terribly off.

Working Aligned means doing the work you were meant to do, while honoring your energy, trusting the decisions you make and using your natural gifts and strengths.

Would you like to discover how you can work more Aligned and feel confident that you are doing the work that you were meant to do?


Why should you take this Certification?

  • Understand your Human Design chart and how it can support you to ensure you are doing the work you are meant to do.
  • Gain insight that will help you feel more fulfilled and successful in the work you do and feel valued by the people you work for and with.
  • Tune into your body’s guidance so you feel confident you’re making the correct decisions about your work.
  • Fully lean into your natural gifts and strengths and stop wasting energy trying to compensate for perceived weakness. (Stay in your zones of genius!)
  • Discover an easy way to recognize when you are getting pulled off of your best path
  • Discover which fears show up in your Human Design chart that have made it harder for you to follow your dreams… until now!
  • Identify your best way of finding new work opportunities and your most natural marketing style (both personally and for your company).

What will you learn?

  • How you process different types of energy and how that might impact how you work (Energy Centers)
  • Your natural gifts and strengths (Channels & Circuit Types)
  • The Small Business roles  you are best suited to take on (Penta Gates)
  • The most effective way for you to interact with other people (Your Aura Type & Strategy)
  • How to easily know what you should say yes to and what you should say no to (Your Inner Authority)
  • Your natural marketing style (Profile)
  • Which fears you’re meant to push through (Your Fear Gates)
  • How to know if you are staying on your best path (Your Motivation)

When does the Certification start?

The first cohort of the Aligned Success Dynamics Certification is starting soon. The actual class times will vary based on which aspects show up in your Human Design chart. We will be breaking down the topics so you only need to attend the classes that apply to you. Ideally you will commit to attend as many live classes that fit your design as possible.

How long is the Certification Program?

We don’t currently have a set schedule for this beta round because we will be scheduling some of the modules based on participant availability. This is the only round that will be run live, so it may take us a little longer to get all of the live calls scheduled. After the modules are recorded you will have access to the recordings for 1 year.


What is the investment for the Certification Program?

This is the only time we’re able to offer you this beta group, including live classes, for only $111. Future classes will be pre-recorded and offered at a higher price.


What do I need to do to receive my Certification?

You will need to watch each of the modules that apply to your design and then complete and submit an assignment that demonstrates you understand each topic. 

 What can I do with this Certification?

This is the first time we are offering this Certification – a program that is so unique and innovative it’s already gaining the attention of top entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide. Now you can be  among the first to receive this Certification, and help revolutionize the way purpose-driven entrepreneurs approach business and work.

In the future we will have opportunities for graduates to participate in Networking events that will help you to connect with business owners looking to create their ideal team. This certificate will demonstrate that you understand your Human Design and how to work in alignment with your natural design. These networking events will also help you to find companies that are committed to supporting people to work in alignment with their design and to making sure that they have the right people in the right roles.