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Are You Using Your Inner Guidance?

Do you know how your Human Design Authority is telling you what is correct for you?

This is the 2nd key piece of understanding your Human Design chart!

There are 7 different Authorities and each has a different way of helping people to know what is correct and what is not correct for them.

Have you ever had someone recommend that you should follow your gut?

This advice works really well for people with 1 of the 7 Authorities, but the other Authorities have other wisdom that gives them better guidance.

Some of the Authorities can know if something is correct for them in the moment. Other Authorities need more time to know for certain.

All 7 Authorities are likely to struggle with a mind that wants to be in charge of how we’re making decisions.

Are you making decisions by tuning in to your inner guidance? Or are you being distracted by external influences and/or fear that is unintentionally steering you off track?

 Here are some options if you want to feel more confident in your ability to understand your inner guidance and trust that the decisions you are making are correct:

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